THIS is how you start a Monday…

We have been so incredibly thankful for the feedback we’ve gotten on issue one so far, but this one really took the cake (and made our Monday)!

Dear Team CP,

I downloaded my issue earlier in the week but did not have the time to sit and savor the content between the covers until today.

From a knitter who feels that the big name knitting publications out there are all pretty much the same, and not much of it is interesting, fresh, or worth the purchase price. I have not bought them in ages and what’s more, I did not miss them.

So imagine my delight as I read through issue one and found myself completely engrossed in your articles, mentally determining what in my stash will work for the patterns in this issue, and yearning to head off to Shetland this fall to experience it for myself.

Thank you from a very happy subscriber,


Thank YOU, Kat! As Elizabeth put it in our reply to her: The experience that you had reading the magazine is just exactly what we are hoping to get across at the press, so it’s incredibly gratifying to hear that we connected with you in that way. I couldn’t have said it better myself. We hope that the magazine will just keep getting better from here, so please keep your comments coming, we’d love to hear them.

One thought on “THIS is how you start a Monday…

  1. Ruby says:

    I just gotta check this out! A new refreshing read? YAY!

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