What’s coming in issue #2?

Glad you asked! Despite a few delays (the issue should be out in another few days), we’ve got a showstopper of an issue, packed with patterns, articles and all kinds of good stuff!

  • Wisehilda on socks: Kate explains all the different needle configurations for socks!
  • Our first announcement about the Cooperative Press Caribbean cruise
  • Updates on the Cooperative Press knitting app from knitCompanion
  • Anatomy of a Guernsey by Janine LeCras, with accompanying pattern
  • A cabled scarf pattern from Nicki Epstein
  • Knitting from the center out by Daniel Yuhas
  • A different kind of stranded knitting colorwork scarf, with video tutorial, by Ruth Roland
  • Rosemarie Buchanan’s Belly Button Start for circular projects
  • A crochet (yes, crochet!) pullover by Jennifer Cirka
  • Combination Shawls article by Jennette Cross, with accompanying pattern
  • Sojourner, a spectacular coat by Talitha Kuomi
  • A herringbone skirt by Christine Guest
  • A peplum top and skirt by Whitney Christmas

…and much much more.

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it!

Update: Issue two is now available

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