In the Loop: Book Review

A shorter version of this review was published in issue #4 of Knit Edge – here on the blog, MK Carroll tells you a little more about why In the Loop is on her bookshelf.

In the Loop: Knitting Now

In the Loop: Knitting Now

In the Loop: Knitting Now
Jessica Hemmings (ed.)
Black Dog Publishing

While I browsed the shelves at Powell’s Books, a copy of In the Loop nearly fell off the shelf into my hands. Less than a minute later, it was in my “to buy” stack – this was a book I didn’t know I was looking for.

An eclectic collection of diverse perspectives including academics, artists, and historians, In the Loop is fun to just flip through as well as to sit down and read deeply. There’s an essay on contemporary knit lit by Jo Turney, photo essays including Jeanette Sendler’s Finding Your Way Home and Deirdre Nelson’s Quiet Activism (both of which have modern takes on traditional Shetland knitting), and Annie Shaw’s Looking Backwards to Knit Forwards, a response to the history of ganseys via machine knitting, and much more. Accessible and approachable, you don’t need to be an academic to be able to enjoy In the Loop. Although the book is organized so that you can do a start-to-finish read coherently, what I enjoyed was flipping back and forth through the book, looking at the different projects, and then reading the text as it caught my fancy. This will stay on my bookshelf for a while, as I think it holds up well to being revisited.

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