Knit Edge magazine launched in 2012 with a premiere “issue zero” at the summer TNNA (National Needle Arts Association) show. We publish three issues per year in digital (PDF) format. Please join our mailing list for information on upcoming issues, subscriptions, submissions and much more. If you are already on the Cooperative Press mailing list, you can update your preferences by entering your email address at the link, and MailChimp will send you an email with a link and information on how to do an update.

For customer support, please email us at support@cooperativepress.zendesk.com or contact us through our support page. There are also fixes for the most common problems subscribers encounter there.

For more about Cooperative Press, check out our main site.

For additional information on advertising, you can email our ad sales rep at ads@knitedgemag.com

For book, booklet, and pattern collection What We’re Reading review submissions, please email Michelle, Knit Edge Managing Editor, at michelle@knitedgemag.com. We accept digital as well as print copies for review, including self-published and small press publications. We like hosting giveaways! Submitting an item for review does not guarantee a review. We strive to provide our readers with fair and honest reviews.

To submit items for Things We Love consideration, please email Michelle, Knit Edge Managing Editor, at michelle@knitedgemag.com. Submission does not guarantee a review – to be in Things We Love, we have to love it!

For editorial submissions, stay tuned. We’re making changes to the submission process and will update in fall 2015. You can send queries to Michelle at the address above in the meantime.

Thank you for your interest in Knit Edge!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. all agog for the magazine!

  2. Laurie Day says:

    Looking forward to the arrival of your new mag.

  3. Cassian says:

    This might be a really silly question with an obvious answer, but I can’t work out whether this is a paper mag or an electronic mag…? I love co-ops and magazines and knitting, but I just don’t get along with electronic publications that aren’t plaintext.

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