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Herringbone skirt tutorial

If you loved the Herringbone Skirt in issue 2 but needed a little extra help with the grafting, designer Christine Guest has provided this tutorial to help you. We’ll have more about this technique/pattern in the next issue as well. Thanks, Christine! Take it away…

When I first tried to trace the yarn as it moved through the stitch the depths eluded me. It came to me that if I knitted a row in cotton thread, then continued the swatch with yarn, I could see what was going on. That did work. I saw that the stitches on the lower working needle were all knit twice, but the stitches being formed were only worked once.

Hold the two edges you are going to graft together. Both the finished rows should slant in the same direction: uphill from left to right. If they don’t, add or subtract a row so that they match. You will be adding a row that slants downhill from left to right. It won’t continue the herringbone pattern otherwise.

1. Insert the needle knitwise into the first loop on the top knitting needle. Remove this stitch from the needle.

2. Insert the threaded needle into the second stitch from the end knitwise. Pull through.

3. Insert the threaded needle throught the first two stitches together on the lower needle through the back loops. Pull through. Remove the stitch closest to the end of the lower knitting needle.

4. Insert the threaded needle from left to right through the back loops of the first two stitches on the lower needle.

Repeat steps 1-4.

Make sure the thread tail doesn’t loop itself around your needle tips, the thread ends should lie under and between the ends of the knitting needles.

Coming in a future issue…

Designer Talitha Kuomi sent us the most adorable photo of her “design assistant” helping with one of her future-issue patterns for Knit Edge…

He thinks if you shake the blocking pins’ cup hard enough, their friends on the board will jump off and come play…