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Contacting Customer Support

To view subscription invoices, your subscription information, or to cancel subscriptions, please go to If you have not signed in previously, you will need to use the password reset option to get started. If you prefer, you can email us at or contact us through our Zendesk support page and we can check information and make changes to your subscription personally.

For general customer support, please email us at or contact us through our support page.

Common Problems and Fixes

I haven’t received the latest issue of Knit Edge.
You may not have received the subscriber email because of your email’s spam filter. If your email allows you to whitelist addresses, please add to your safe list. You may also want to search your spam/inbox folders for messages from

I can’t find my issues of Knit Edge in my Ravelry library.
If you are a Knit Edge subscriber and can’t find your issue in Ravelry, the most likely causes are

1. The link sent out in the subscriber email has not been clicked

2. You didn’t receive the subscriber email at all because of your email’s spam filter

You must click the link in your “issue X is live” email in order to place the issue into Ravelry. We are working with a software developer to create a more automated solution, but as of now clicking the link is necessary.

If your email allows you to whitelist addresses, please add to your safe list.

You may also want to search your spam/inbox folders for messages from

If none of the above is applicable and you still cannot access an issue, please email us at or open a ticket here at Cooperative Press’ Zendesk support page.



7 thoughts on “Customer Support

  1. Cynthia Titus says:

    It appears I have only recieved one issue of the magazine – I have corrected everything in my email settings – how many issues should I have recieved?

    Cindy Titus

  2. Alice Boudreaux says:

    I cancelled my subscription today because I only can download issue 2 & 5. I would like the other issues I paid for. Could you send me a link to download. I have subscribed since April 2013.
    Regards, Alice Boudreaux

  3. Gene Byrge says:

    Just realized, when I received the latest invoice notification, that I have not received the last two issues…I check my spam at least 3x a day, so it didn’t get dumped there…besides, I DO receive the invoice notifications. How about putting a link in your invoice notification to simplify things? Can you please send me the appropriate email to access the ones I don’t have? I just checked my file, and I do have 0, 1, 2, 3 & 5 and would like to get 4 and whatever else is missing. Every time I get the invoice I try to remember to contact you, but get distracted, so I’ve missed several. Thanks!

  4. Marcia says:

    How can I buy issue 7? It’s not on your website and on Ravelry there is no buy option.
    Everybody is talking about it, but I cannot buy it.

  5. Eileen Carter says:

    Obviously, I have not clicked the link to put Knit Edge into my Ravelry library, I have none of the past issues. Is there anything you can do to assist me? Also, I received an email saying the next issue would be on its way soon, but that was 8/3/15, had it been released and I missed it?

  6. Susan Baughman says:

    When will there be another issue of Knit Edge Magazine? It has been a long time since I received one.

  7. Sue Roth says:

    What was the last issue released? I’ve just renewed (auto renew) but I’m concerned that there seems not to have been a new release for about 1 year.

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