Thank you for your interest in subscribing to Knit Edge! We offer a PDF only subscription at this time. We’re working on Kindle and other offerings as well and will update this page as new subscription types are added. The cover price per issue is $6.99, so subscribing will save you money!

PDF edition subscriptions

  • Recurring single-issue subscription: $5.99 per issue (save nearly 15% off cover)
  • One year (3 issues) subscription: $14.99 per year (save nearly 30% off cover)
  • Auto-renewing one year (3 issues) subscription: $14.99 per year (please note that this option will automatically renew, charging your credit card or PayPal account when the subscription expires)

We’re working with our subscription service to enable the ability to also put your PDF copy directly into your Ravelry library: details will be provided to you when they’re available. You can also purchase single issues directly from Ravelry, in which case it will be automatically added to your Ravelry library. Print copies are available for purchase from MagCloud.

Single issues

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6 thoughts on “Subscriptions

  1. Juanita Williams says:

    So excited to view this new magazine most of all it is PDF and soon to be connected in Ravelry Library. Paperless is the only way to view magazines and less clutter. Love it
    Congratulations to all!

  2. Nancy J. Elliott says:

    I love your magazines and books. Thank you for such great inspiration!!! 🙂

  3. […] Review: Knit Edge magazine, issue seven – $6.99 rav download, subscription options available via the Knit Edge website. […]

  4. LauraM says:

    Love to subscribe. Wondering if I do it now, will I be able to convert once available on IOS? Or is it better to wait if I prefer that platform? Keep up the great work!

  5. Julie Ferguson says:

    I would like to cancel my subscription to Knit Edge ( nothing to do with the magazine but my personal circumstances have changed !)
    Julie Ferguson

  6. Barbara Mathews says:

    I let my subscription lapse. Are you still publishing and if so, will you please send me the info to renew?


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